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ED Sex toy for men with ED

                              Rekindle the passion of lovemaking.

The most exciting pleasure product ever designed for ED sufferers.

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What is the VPS?

The VPS allows couples dealing with ED to experience intercourse in a more natural and fulfilling way. It's is the only product utilizing vacuum pressure to stay securely place, eliminating the need for a harness and/or other attachment paraphernalia. Trapped air is removed from within the sleeve, creating a secure fit that allows you the freedom and ability to please your partner with more personal sensation, length, girth and confidence. 

Designed for ED sufferers. Perfect for every man! 

Products for non-ED sufferers (coming soon)!

Click link below for additional information and compatible pleasure products.
All Vaceil products are made in the USA and are designed with safety and ease of use in utmost consideration. 

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